Versa Racks

Manufacturer: Vestil

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FOB: Midwest Warehouse

Vestil Versa Racks are great for transporting or storing items. The powder coated steel construction provides versatility, efficiency, and durability. Corner posts can be removed or changed to fit the needs of various applications. Double post pins provide support up to 4,000 uniform lbs. All models contain a four way fork entry for simple transference and can be stacked five units high, while models using the 24" and 36" posts can be stacked three high, during use. The overall model size is 49-7/16" W x 43-7/16" L. Custom sizes and configurations are available upon request.

Model V-1 has four adjustable-height non-removable posts, fixed base targets, 4-way fork entry, and solid steel deck. The usable height is adjustable in 1" increments from 11-1/4" to 17-1/4".

Model V-3 is ideal for transporting long, oversized loads of material. The model is a stand/cart which has 8" phenolic wheels and a floor lock. 12" high non-removable fixed-height corner posts secure loads. Overall height is 30".

Model V-4 is a versa rack pallet with no posts or sockets. Solid deck steel pallet is a durable way to transfer products. The model has 4-way fork entrance for convenient portability. Usable fork opening is 8" W x 2-1/2" H.

Model V-2 is a versa rack base, with no posts. Sockets included. The V-2 and V-3 can be used together by stacking a single V-2 onto a V-3 to create a larger, more versatile, model. A four way fork entrance enables the unit to be quickly transferred from workstation to workstation.

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Versa Racks

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Model No. Description Size Weight Price Ea. Qty
V-1 Base w/non-removable posts 48" W x 42" L 125 lbs. $425.00
V-3 Stand/cart 48" W x 42" L 210 lbs. $708.00
V-4 Base no posts or sockets 48" W x 42" L 100 lbs. $327.00
V-2 Base only no posts 48" W x 42" L 110 lbs. $363.00
VP-4 Removable post kit 4" H 15 lbs. $51.00
VP-12 Removable post kit 12" H 25 lbs. $64.00
VP-24 Removable post kit 24" H 40 lbs. $77.00
VP-36 Removable post kit 36" H 50 lbs. $87.00