SK2000 Step Beams With Seismic Welds

Manufacturer: Steel King

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Roll formed is the most popular and versatile type of industrial pallet racking, and Steel King’s closed column design has become an industry standard. Designed with your warehouse durability and safety in mind and drawing on almost 50 years of material handling experience, a fully welded tubular upright gives SK2000® racks superior impact resistance vs. open-back style uprights. Color: Poppy Orange.


The strength of our closed tube beams and upright rack frames make your rack safer and more functional. In fact, independent engineering tests have confirmed that, when compared to open back columns, SK2000® pallet racking has:

  • 250% more frontal impact strength
  • 44 times more torsional strength (resistance to twisting)
  • 68% more side impact resistance
  • Additional welds to resist seismic forces and includes 4-pin connector plates

Notes on Upright Capacities:

  1. Capacity is based on 36″ vertical beam spacing. Larger spacing decreases capacity.
  2. Capacities based upon interior usage.
  3. Capacities are for selective rack only.
  4. Capacities are for non-seismic usage.
  5. All columns/posts must be anchored to an adequate concrete floor (required by RMI code).
  6. Capacities based upon installation in a plumb condition.
  7. Capacities are total per upright, assuming equal loading on both posts.

If any of these conditions do not apply to your application, or if you are unsure if they apply, DO NOT USE THESE CAPACITY RATINGS. In those cases, contact Material Flow at 1-800-338-1382 for design information. NOTE: A Permit and/or stamped calculations may be required by the local building department prior to installation and is the responsibility of the end user.

FOR SEISMIC CONSIDERATION Can be used in some seismic areas, contact Material Flow at 1-800-338-1382 for more information. If stamped calculations are required, 48 hour lead time does not apply.

7 Models Available for
SK2000 Step Beams With Seismic Welds

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Model No. Height x Length (in.) Capacity Per Pair (lbs) Weight (lbs) Price Ea. Qty
SBRUM400096ZCP 4 x 96 5,080 23.3 $43.04
SBRUM475096ZCP 4-3/4 x 96 6,080 25.4 $47.05
SBRUM550096ZCP 5-1/2 x 96 8,100 29.1 $54.03
SBRUM475108ZCP 4-3/4 x 108 5,480 28.4 $51.04
SBRUM550108ZCP 5-1/2 x 108 7,320 32.4 $59.06
SBRUM550144ZCP 5-1/2 x 144 5,220 42.2 $69.05
SBRUG600144ZP 6 x 144 8,020 58.5 $89.07
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1 Option Available for
SK2000 Step Beams With Seismic Welds

Option: SK2000 Boltless Rack Accessories

Floor Anchors and Shims for Steel King SK2000 Seismic Boltless Rack Systems.

Model No. Description Weight (lbs) Price Ea. Qty
ANCHOR.5 x 4.5 TZ 1/2" x 4-1/2" Seismic Anchor 0.3 $2.70
FPBS Shim for 5" x 7" Base Plate 1.4 $2.00
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