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Genuine Wire Shelving Chrome Add-On Kit - 4 Shelves 54 inch High

Manufacturer: Quantum

FOB: East Coast warehouse
NSF approved

Quantum Genuine Wire Shelving Chrome Add-On Kits offer the versatility to customize your shelving units and handles heavy duty loads.

This additional Quantum Add-On Kit allows you to expand your Starter Kit by sharing a set of posts. The configuration options include straight line, back to back and right angles (L-Shape). 800lbs load capacity per shelf

Add-On Kits come complete with:

2 Posts
4 Shelves
8 S-Hooks

Additional shelves and posts may be purchased separately. Units with Add-On Kit cannot be made mobile.

Chrome Finish Shelving feature a plating process which deposits hard chrome over a nickel surface. This process is very durable and is used in an up-front storage or material handling application.

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46 Models Available for Genuine Wire Shelving Chrome Add-On Kit - 4 Shelves 54 inch High

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Model No. Shelf Dimension Weight Price Ea. Qty
AD54-1236C 12"W x 36"L 36 lbs. $120.49
AD54-1242C 12"W x 42"L 40 lbs. $133.24
AD54-1248C 12"W x 48"L 44 lbs. $140.34
AD54-1260C 12"W x 60"L 52 lbs. $163.02
AD54-1272C 12"W x 72"L 60 lbs. $185.70
AD54-1424C 14"W x 24"L 32 lbs. $106.32
AD54-1430C 14"W x 30"L 36 lbs. $114.83
AD54-1436C 14"W x 36"L 40 lbs. $126.16
AD54-1442C 14"W x 42"L 48 lbs. $133.24
AD54-1448C 14"W x 48"L 52 lbs. $146.00
AD54-1454C 14"W x 54"L 56 lbs. $158.77
AD54-1460C 14"W x 60"L 64 lbs. $168.69
AD54-1472C 14"W x 72"L 76 lbs. $188.53
AD54-1824C 18"W x 24"L 36 lbs. $121.91
AD54-1830C 18"W x 30"L 40 lbs. $129.00
AD54-1836C 18"W x 36"L 48 lbs. $136.09
AD54-1842C 18"W x 42"L 52 lbs. $155.93
AD54-1848C 18"W x 48"L 56 lbs. $170.10
AD54-1854C 18"W x 54"L 68 lbs. $188.53
AD54-1860C 18"W x 60"L 76 lbs $195.61
AD54-1872C 18"W x 72"L 88 lbs. $221.14
AD54-2124C 21"W x 24"L 40 lbs. $130.42
AD54-2130C 21"W x 30"L 44 lbs. $146.00
AD54-2136C 21"W x 36"L 52 lbs. $158.77
AD54-2142C 21"W x 42"L 56 lbs. $171.52
AD54-2148C 21"W x 48"L 64 lbs. $181.45
AD54-2154C 21"W x 54"L 72 lbs. $204.13
AD54-2160C 21"W x 60"L 88 lbs. $215.47
AD54-2172C 21"W x 72"L 104 lbs. $245.23
AD54-2424C 24"W x 24"L 44 lbs. $151.68
AD54-2430C 24"W x 30"L 52 lbs. $158.77
AD54-2436C 24"W x 36"L 60 lbs. $168.69
AD54-2442C 24"W x 42"L 68 lbs. $185.70
AD54-2448C 24"W x 48"L 72 lbs. $198.45
AD54-2454C 24"W x 54"L 80 lbs. $221.14
AD54-2460C 24"W x 60"L 92 lbs. $236.73
AD54-2472C 24"W x 72"L 112 lbs. $275.00
AD54-3036C 30"W x 36"L 68 lbs. $223.97
AD54-3042C 30"W x 42"L 80 lbs. $250.91
AD54-3048C 30"W x 48"L 92 lbs. $262.25
AD54-3060C 30"W x 60"L 116 lbs. $284.93
AD54-3072C 30"W x 72"L 132 lbs. $338.79
AD54-3636C 36"w x 36"L 80 lbs. $253.74
AD54-3648C 36"W x 48"L 100 lbs. $290.60
AD54-3660C 36"W x 60"L 124 lbs. $333.12
AD54-3672C 36"W x 72"L 132 lbs. $392.67
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